NEW! HTC_TOUCH 3D cube style program launcher for WM5/wm6 by ByKa


Step by step

Installation steb by step is following:

1. Download and install file from ADOBE or xdawebsite.

Before all the further steps read first and start to install packages only after since its possible you don't need even the half of.

The Cube v2.1 package includes:
Main screen without 'demo' sign, background image and base icons.
This package includes the digital clock.
There are MissedCalls and SMS indicators -more to come later.
If you don't need the clock, just tap on the info panel and it disappears, if you need it back, tap the BACK button at lower left corner.
You can quit from the program with EXIT button of course.

To stat the cube (fom the mainscreen): over MScreen gently push you finger downside up, to make the cube disappear tap from upside down.

Call of 12 contact is freed up now, and after tapping you can change SMS sending even, in this case the default SMS sender application will open with the proper contact in address line.

5 freely configurable page with 6-6 switches per page.

If you download the package from here, don't have to install, but due to the fellow scripts and paths the place of package must be
C/Program Files/Szabi/CubeLauncher/ folder on the PHONE and not on the storage card.
(Unfortunately the notifications works only this way on main screen of cube.)

You can make startup icon into start menu, START directly with the file CUBE2.SWF.

Hurray, you have a working CUBE.

The CubeConfig (thanks a million to BMTBANDIT) an attached program (this package includes that too) which you can reconfigure all icon, label and program path from the CUBE and even you can jump over main screen for immediate start of cube, but first of all you have to have installed on your hardware the .NET CF2 sp1 framework.
Attention: MS framework, it is included in WM6 by default!

- If it does not start or freeze while browsing over Storage Card, than you may have incorrect version of framework installed, - nice view huh? Don't worry, from the 500 probably 20 had pain with it.
If you leave it, you can still program the cube manually.
NOTEPAD, (Page1.txt, Page3.txt ...) - check it, you will see.

IF you use the main screen for SMS and missed call notification, you'll need the MortScript.
This is a small program to run DOS command lines. You will find on MORT page, or at xda or simply download from here.
VERY IMPORTANT TO INSTALL INTO THE MAIN MEMORY, and also get it run after install! (With this you can assign .mscr extension to the program, we need this: C/Program Files/MortScript/MortScript.exe).

Right when starting the CUBE, you will see the notifications on the screen.

OK, even better.
But what if you don't need main screen, clock and no kind of data but would like to see the Today screen by yourself and start the cube from there, stylishly and gratefully with a neat move of finger?

Thanks to colleague EFROST, He made the way.
Here is a little addition:

FTouchFLO is the name.
The screen has four side, meaning you can make slide to four directions. All four directions can start different programs from TODAY screen, and unbelievable but true: the FLO scroll works in ALL - non-locked-out - programs.
Install to main memory (C/Program Files/FTouchFLO/) and a little tweak in FTouchFLOconfig.txt:

DownUpApp:/Program Files/Adobe/FlashLite/saplaywm.exe
DownUpAppCmdLine:"/Program Files/Szabi/CubeLauncher/Cube2.swf"
and than get run (FTouchFLO.exe)

(if you use this, the following modifications are necessary in Page1.txt:

&Vibra=off& //inactive
&MainScreen=off& //only cube without main screen
&Minimize=on& //cube does not exit, just minimize to start faster next time
&Name1=Contacts &Command1="../W ....... //this is familiar already...

This way now you can start the cube from Today screen with sliding your finger upward.

Ok. If something is not fine, just write, I hoper it was clear.

(MegaThanX to Tyer for this video)

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